Junior Artist

Participating Artists: Elizabeth Carroll, Austin Chen, Graham Yaggy

Teachers: Tennyson Aaronson-Glaab, Amber Coleman, Megan Riehl, Isobel Suhm, China Toto


History Book Cover


Lead-Teacher: Isobel Suhm
Co-Teacher: Megan Riehl

This lesson was an introduction to the topic of art as activism and a starting point for students to begin considering the importance of a theme they chose. History books are often one of the most important and first resources for learning about important cultural events and the way history books are written can shape a society’s perception of those cultural events. Designing a cover for a history book allowed students to consider what they feel is important to say about their theme and how these messages may be received by their desired audience. They then had the chance to design their own book covers representing their topic by including images, a title, text, and an overall message they wanted to express.


Comic Book Strips


Lead-Teacher: Megan Riehl
Co-Teacher: Isobel Suhm

In this lesson, students acted as Art Activists and answered the question “What is something you want the world to understand?” The students used that topic to create a 3-6 panel comic strip using characters, comedy, and dialogue to make a statement. We also discussed as a class how comics can be an effective tool for making a statement and inspiring social change as the format is quick and easy to read, and therefore accessible to many audiences.

Community Culture – Found Media Collage


Lead-Teacher: Tennyson Aaronson-Glaab
Co-Teacher: China Toto

Mixed Media Muse


Lead-Teacher: Amber Coleman

This lesson engaged with the big idea of a muse. Junior Artists thought about what it meant to be a muse and created artwork inspired by that muse. This lesson centered the ways that Black women artists depict people and stories that are often marginalized as important sources of inspiration and subject matter. These artists often use a variety of materials and media in their artworks. From this inspiration, our Junior Artists reflected on the muses that they draw inspiration from in their own lives in order to think about how they might depict them using mixed media.