Young Artist

Participating Artists: William Carroll, Lillianna Francis, Jacob Kuan, Lincoln Neff, Melody Yu

Teachers: Tennyson Aaronson-Glaab, Michaela Pisciotta, Megan Riehl, Isobel Suhm, China Toto, Sydney Yount


Alter Ego Masks


Lead-Teacher: Sydney Yount
Co-Teacher: Michaela Pisciotta

In this lesson, students acted as Art Activists and answered the question “What is something you want the world to understand?” The students used that topic to create a 3-6 panel comic strip using characters, comedy, and dialogue to make a statement. We also discussed as a class how comics can be an effective tool for making a statement and inspiring social change as the format is quick and easy to read, and therefore accessible to many audiences.


Collage Fantasy Landscape


Teachers: Isobel Suhm & Megan Riehl

This lesson was designed to allow students to consider what elements they would want to include in their dream world. They had the opportunity to create their own fantasy landscapes depicting these elements through art-making techniques and processes such as cutting, collaging, and painting with acrylic paint. Their final projects depicting their fantasy worlds demonstrated these new techniques in addition to their understanding of foreground, middle ground, and background, in a 3D standing piece.

Comic Book Strips


Lead Teacher: Michaela Pisciotta
Co-Teacher: Sydney Yount

In this lesson, students created a comic strip telling the story of their favorite place. The lesson goes over comic strip elements and comic artists. After learning about comics, students created their own large comic strip out of a 24×9 inch piece of paper.